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Past Life Regression MP3 file £10.00
This Past Life Regression recording is a unique and professionally blended self hypnosis journey. This recording guides you into a deeply relaxing journey of self-discovery into one of your past lives. You are gently led into a calm state of mind using self hypnosis, visualisation and relaxation techniques. You will  remain in control at all times, experiencing your past life in your mind's eye, as if you were actually there.

Contraindications for PLR MP3 file -
This file is not recommended for the health conditions as follows:

If you are currently under long term medication for mental health problems
Cardiac Disease
People under the age of 16
Under the influence of alcohol/drugs

Stress Management self hypnosis MP3 file £10.00
This self hypnosis mp3 file can help you to release anxiety and stress that will allow you to become calmer and more relaxed.

Self Confidence self hypnosis MP3 file £10.00
This self hypnosis mp3 file can help you to gain in strength  and confidence, to become more self assured  and deal with things in a much more positive way.

Inner Child Healing self hypnosis MP3 file £10.00
This self hypnosis mp3 file can help to heal unresolved issues from the past, from your childhood, to enable you to heal yourself and become stronger and happier within yourself.

Fear of Flying self hypnosis MP3 file. £10.00
Being unable to go on a well earned holiday, or visit loved ones  abroad can be quite frustrating if you are unable to fly.  This self hypnosis mp3 file can aid you with any fears/anxiety you may have about flying, helping you to feel more relaxed and self assured.

Insomnia self hypnosis MP3 file £10.00
Being unable to sleep can be so frustrating, but this mp3 recording can help you to relax, switch off and get a good night's sleep.  The relaxation and visualisation techniques in this recording can help you to achieve a restful night and awake with more energy�to face the day ahead.

Cutting Karmic Cords self hypnosis MP3 file £10.00
Karmic cord cutting is a powerful healing tool for releasing negative connections with people or past events.  Cutting these ties will help you to release these negative emotions, enabling you to move forward in your life in a much more positive way.

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