Heather Holman MTPLA - Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

Regression Therapy

Hypnotic Regression is a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from the past, whether in a current life or in a past life.

Age Regression Therapy - Age Regression involves taking a client back to a younger age to recover memories that the conscious mind may have forgotten or partly forgotten. Age Regression can be used to treat phobias/fears, patterns of negative behaviour, self sabotaging behaviour, childhood trauma etc. 

Age Regression can also include womb regression, going back to that special time when you are in your mother's womb

Understanding the cause/origin can often be enough to solve the problem, however, sometimes other healing interventions are used to release/heal more traumatic events.

Age Regression session duration - 1hour - 1.5 hours

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regresssion involves going back into past lives that we have lived before.  In many cases, health issues, phobias/fears, relationship problems, or other emotional blocks do not originate in our current life.  The root cause can in fact go  back much further back in time and actually extend into other life times.

Through regression therapy, we can begin to recognise the negative patterns of behaviour playing out in this life time, that have played out before, in past lives.  We are then given the opportunity to break karmic cycles, heal and move forward with our lives.  Through awareness, we can evolve.

Some clients may just wish to experience a past life regression out of curiosity.  It is interesting to find out who we once were in past lives.  Accessing past life memories can also help us to heal.  To recognise that we are in essence immortal, can contribute to our own personal growth.

Past Life Regression session duration - 1.5 - 2 hours

Life Between Lives Regression Therapy

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a deep hypnosis technique which was pioneered by Michael Newton PhD - author of the books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

Life Between Lives simply means the space between incarnations, from the moment the soul leaves the body at the end of the last past life, to the point where the soul reincarnates into the current life. This is the very space that is Life Between Lives. An LBL is an extension of a Past Life Regression, but it is fair to say that an LBL is quite a journey in itself.   It is during this journey that we begin to access Superconscious memories, memories of our soul, our true being.  The Superconscious mind reveals our immortal character and its long history.  We can gain perspective about our origin, all our past lives, and our life between lives.

During a LBL we will be able to look at current life issues and also` review any of your past lives.  This will allow for healing to take place. You may discover that finding your place in the spirit world may be far more meaningful than describing any of your former incarnations on Earth.  Insight into this world may help you to understand the purpose behind your life choices and how, and why your soul, and the souls of those you love live on eternally.

It is advised to have had at least one Past Life Regression session prior to a Life Between Lives session.

LBL session duration - 3 - 4 hours.

Prior to this session, you will be sent a .mp3 file to familiarise you to Heather's voice and also, this recording will allow you to experience levels of hypnosis required for the actual session.  You will receive a .mp3 recording of your session.

For some clients, regression may not work, however, this simply means that there could be underlying issues/fears that prevent the client from accessing memories from the subconscious mind.  In these cases, these issues/fears need to be addressed before memories can be accessed.  You can be assured, however, that everything possible will be done to ensure the session does run smoothly and effectively.

All payments for sessions are non refundable.

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